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Monday, November 4th, 2013

Ahh Fall….

my lifes photos around town-4

Our weekend was….dull…in a GOOD way.

I know I know. An oxymoran for sure. But as I’ve said before, weekends are MARVELOUS. And I am enjoying having them off. This weekend, I even had the pleasure of having THREE days off.



On Friday, I dropped Pookah off had breakfast and then stared at my to do list.

And realized that I didn’t want to do anyting on it.

I turned off the TV, I turned off all of the lights.

And I got back in the bed. And slept for 4 hours. It was GLORIOUS!



my lifes photos around town-3




Saturday, I would have been content to stay in the bed all day again or at least lounge on the couch all day, but Cdub and Pookah decided I needed to get out of the house to fly a kite. It was chilly, I would have rather been in the house with my fuzzy socks and a large cup of coffee.  We kept Pookah up late because CDub just swore that that would make him sleep later.  Yeah….right…..



Ahh, the end of daylight savings time or National Sleep in Day for people who do not have children.  That boy woke up at 5:30 AM.  I talked him into going back to sleep in my bed where he snored for the next two hours.

Sigh. We did brunch at IHOP ( not my first choice, but the line at The Flying Biscuit AND Egg Harbor Cafe were around the corner.  ) But it served its purpose, except, no gluten free restaurant review THIS week. :-)

Another few hours  at the park to try to wear the child out…..
day 3 NaPhoPoMo
(Day 3 of 365)
And that was my weekend.

I am on day 9 of my 30 days of black and white challenge. Don’t forget to check that out.( just click on Everyday Eyecandy in the menu bar and follow ya girl over there!).   Also, on my 4th day of NaPhoPoMo which you can see on this Flickr stream and my 4th day of my 365 which is just everywhere.

And of course, this is day 4 of NaBloPoMo!


So I didn’t go off…..

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

I've got my boy!!!
( taken with Iphone 5, edited with VSCO)


So if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out this post first, and then come back.

We’re all on the same page now?



So, All day I stewed about what I was going to say ALL day.

I practiced what I was going to say all day.

I was nervous. Somehow, this one talk with Pookah’s first real teacher seemed like the most important one in his life up to this time.

I walked in the classroom, and Pookah ( and three other boys) were all doing work. That is, they were all attempting to write.

It seemed that this was the slacker table.  The ones left behind.

I wasn’t too happy with how this looked.

I went and sat near Pookah and observed.

The lesson of the day seemed to be to write the letter N.

Pookah was having trouble( of course) but he wasn’t the only one.

I found it interesting that the other three were boys also.

Little black boys.

They were all struggling to write/concentrate/focus( according to his teacher). And also according to his teacher, she “know that you can do it. Do that again. Focus”

So I observed. Pookah wrote his name ( backward e and all) completed his N’s after much much practice, and then showed it to the teacher. She corrected his e. She said good job. and I told him to go get his book bag while I talked to his teacher.

I laid out what I had heard and asked her what she was trying to accomplish.

In her words, the Kindergarten that they are all going to next year will be expecting these 4/5 year old to do  CURSIVE writing and to be able to do work on their own without the hand holding and the attention that she is giving them.

That comment right there by the way, made me reevaluate sending him there.  I mean damn, it’s Kindergarten, isn’t there supposed to be individual attention and a little bit of hand holding at a PRIVATE Kindergarten? Won’t I be paying all of that money for the SMALLER class size and INDIVIDUAL attention????? Sorry, I digress……

She stated she knows that Pookah can do the work, she doesn’t like “can’t” (I don’t either) and sees potential in him. She said that she knows that most preschools have Pre-K doing circle time, more play time and more coloring and JUST writing letters. But our pre-k is doing the A BEKA curriculum. And I got a updated copy of it.

And at this stage: the kids are supposed to be writing letters, learning a bit of math and learning site words/sounds.


So I explained that I understood what she was saying, but I had a few concerns.

Number 1 being my son’s confidence.

I told her what Pookah told me and she seemed shocked. At first, she said she didn’t even know Pookah was still 3( he’s a big three).

But how you don’t know the ages of all of your students????

When she heard the comment about being different/only 3, she said that the kids say things like that to each other all of the time and that maybe that’s where he heard it from.  But I suspect that she suspects her teaching assistant like I do.

Next I addressed his confidence. I let her know we’ve got 13 more years of school left. And this is NOT the time to start him with confidence issues.  I told her that I understand what she is trying to do with the curriculum, but that my priority is his mental well being as well as his educational well being.  And that I understand that handwriting is a priority for them, but that it’s not for me. I reiterated that I felt that he would improve in time. As he is supposed to. And she said she understood.

Basically, my message was, build him up, don’t break him down. Encourage him. Or I will be back.

Basically, I let her know that Pookah had two parents who are watching, concerned, and involved.

I left the meeting feeling….OK about it.

Not perfect, but OK.

I think time will tell how well I got my point across.  But she KNOWS that we will be watching.

And I think that is the most important thing.

So we will see.

We will see.




A Step Backwards

Monday, March 18th, 2013


The past few weeks, my boy has been going through it:

  • a week long stomach virus
  • a cold
  • a bad cough that had us bringing out Mr Neb at 3 am.

He’s better, but now we have a new problem: potty training regression.

I guess it started when Pookah had the stomach virus about 3 weeks ago.  He had diarrhea and couldn’t always make it to the bathroom. It would happen at school and at night.

Poor little guy.

But the sickness passed. And wetting the bed in the middle of the night came to stay.

The first night, I thought it was a fluke. I mean, he’s only been potty trained since about September. And he was still wearing pullups to bed until about a month ago. We ran out of pullups and he just started wearing no underwear to bed. No fuss. He did fine.  But now….

This is frustrating on my part to say the least, but the really sad part is that poor Pookah is ashamed.  He had a recent accident at school where he had a bowel movement that the teacher didn’t discover until she went to help him with his coat. When I asked him why he didn’t go to the bathroom, or at least tell his teacher that he didn’t make it, he just hung his head and said.

“didn’t want poor ms W to have to clean me up.”


Later on, he told me ” Schoolmate B called me a baby. He said only babies go on themselves.”

I spent the rest of my day reassuring him that he was a big boy and that even big boys have accidents from time to time.

And you KNOW I went up to his school the next day and had a chit chat with his teacher.  She had heard the offender and punished him appropriately. And that’s when she let me know that she thought he was having a regression since he had been sick.

And it does get worse when he is sick, I’ve noticed.  For instance, I got up 4 times the other night:

  • Twice for asthma related breathing issues and
  • Twice for accidents in the bed.

I don’t know how to help my boy.

He always cries or is just really sad when he calls in the middle of the night to tell us that he has wet himself.  He always need assurance that he is still a big boy.

I don’t know how to fix this.

My first inclination is to put him back in pull ups at night. Just until it’s not a big deal anymore. Just so we can all take a break from worrying about it.  We seem to be doing ok during the day. i just remind him a little more often than I used to and he makes it. And we make it through naptime just fine( most of the time). I have always limited the amount he drinks before bed, so I don’t think that is the problem.

But if I put him back in pullups, doesn’t that send the message that yes, you are a baby and you need these?

For now, I’ve just invested in three extra sets of sheets. Just in case.

But other than that, I’m stumped.

Potty training veterans, I need your help!

Any suggestions?



Deep Thoughts

Monday, January 7th, 2013

You know, moving is not just about me and CDub. It’s about Pookah too. He has to get used to a new house, a new room, a new hallway leading to Mommy and Daddy’s room at night. And a new school.

I caught him one day last week in one of the bedrooms looking out the window into the new backyard.  I raced back into my unpacked office to unearth my camera, scared I was going to miss him contemplating life by the window……




What was he thinking about? What was going through that busy mind?


Finally, I asked… “What are you thinking baby?”


Nothing Mommy.

Want to play?

All is right in the world. I think he’ll adjust OK.


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