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Sunday Night.

Monday, January 14th, 2013

How was your weekend?

Mine WAS going so stellar around here. I mean, it was warm, we went to the park, I unpacked a few boxes, I didn’t argue with CDub. It was going SO well.

Somehow we ended it like this.

Unexpected visit to the ER

Unexpected visit to the ER

Yep. We went out to have dinner at Gladys Chicken and Waffles restaurant near the house. We had explored our new mall and decided to just stay and have dinner. Now, we had eaten there before, and Pookah was just fine. But last night I decided he should try the baked chicken and fries.

Never again.
I don’t know what was on it, I don’t know if Pookah accidently  got my fork with a few crumbs of waffle on it when he ate my sausage. He ate all of the chicken and refused the fries. And had half of CDub’s eggs and all of my sausage.
No wheat to my knowledge   But on the way home, he coughed. And coughed again and again and again.  And I knew. I think I knew before we even left the parking lot.

By the time we got home, I gave him some water, but he couldn’t sit still, he was breathing hard, he kept coughing. I gave him Benadryl.  His nose started running.  By the time he started to wheeze, we were already on our way to the Children’s hospital.

That was the longest 24 minute car ride of my life.

I could literally see my child getting tired of struggling, and fighting for air.

I kept telling him stay calm. And I knew it was bad when he stopped playing the computer game to tell me” Mommy I don’t feel so good.”

By the time we got to the ER you could hear him wheezing before you saw him.

The staff thought I was crazy until they heard him struggling.

We were rushed back where he got a breathing treatment, three doses of steroids  AND a epi shot before he was OK.

He was SO swollen. Even his feet.

They sent us home three hours later with a toddler hyped up on steroids  albuterol and epinephrine.

It was a hard, he talked for 4 hours straight.

He finally passed out around midnight.

I got in the bed, after checking on him for the 100th time and just cried.

Will this ever get easier? I feel like I can’t take him anywhere sometimes.  Because what is SUPPOSED to be safe, wasn’t.

Well, of course, I had to call out today from work because we had to go to followup appointments   I asked CDub what he thought about me being a stay at home mom.  Just in case.

Anyhoo, as soon as this boy goes down for a nap( helped by the benadryl he’s getting around the clock for the next two days, ) I’m passing out too.

Because of course, I got up like five times last night to check on him and see if he was still breathing.

This sucks.

That is all.




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