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Monday, November 4th, 2013

Ahh Fall….

my lifes photos around town-4

Our weekend was….dull…in a GOOD way.

I know I know. An oxymoran for sure. But as I’ve said before, weekends are MARVELOUS. And I am enjoying having them off. This weekend, I even had the pleasure of having THREE days off.



On Friday, I dropped Pookah off had breakfast and then stared at my to do list.

And realized that I didn’t want to do anyting on it.

I turned off the TV, I turned off all of the lights.

And I got back in the bed. And slept for 4 hours. It was GLORIOUS!



my lifes photos around town-3




Saturday, I would have been content to stay in the bed all day again or at least lounge on the couch all day, but Cdub and Pookah decided I needed to get out of the house to fly a kite. It was chilly, I would have rather been in the house with my fuzzy socks and a large cup of coffee.  We kept Pookah up late because CDub just swore that that would make him sleep later.  Yeah….right…..



Ahh, the end of daylight savings time or National Sleep in Day for people who do not have children.  That boy woke up at 5:30 AM.  I talked him into going back to sleep in my bed where he snored for the next two hours.

Sigh. We did brunch at IHOP ( not my first choice, but the line at The Flying Biscuit AND Egg Harbor Cafe were around the corner.  ) But it served its purpose, except, no gluten free restaurant review THIS week. :-)

Another few hours  at the park to try to wear the child out…..
day 3 NaPhoPoMo
(Day 3 of 365)
And that was my weekend.

I am on day 9 of my 30 days of black and white challenge. Don’t forget to check that out.( just click on Everyday Eyecandy in the menu bar and follow ya girl over there!).   Also, on my 4th day of NaPhoPoMo which you can see on this Flickr stream and my 4th day of my 365 which is just everywhere.

And of course, this is day 4 of NaBloPoMo!


NABLOPOMO and a 365

Friday, November 1st, 2013

And just like that…It’s November.

Seriously, where has this year gone?

NaBloPoMo November 2013

I am participating in NaBloPoMo this year like I have for the last 2 years.

I actually did a post a day for a month back in August and survived, so I’m hoping I can do it again. The only problem is this is the beginning of the busiest time of the year!  But I love doing it every year because it’s like getting your blogging mojo back trying to come up with something interesting EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 30 DAYS.

If you want to participate too, go on over to Blogher and sign up! You have until the 4th.


Click It Up A Notch
Courtney over at Click it Up a Notch is doing a 365.  Starting today.  She put a call out to others who wanted to do one. Sort of like a support group. Since I was already doing the 30  day challenge I decided to go ahead and try to do a 365 again. Hopefully with support and being held accountable, I’ll finish!!!  Of course, my photos will be over at my Tumbler Everyday Eyecandy

So…it’s going to be a busy November….

Can’t wait!


See you guys tomorrow.

Wordless Wednesday: 365 Week 6

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Week 6

Can you believe that I am six weeks into this 365?!? I’ve only missed a handful of days, so I’m proud of myself! Anyhoo, not much to say this week so here you go…

36/365: experimenting…

36365 copy

37/365: the boy wanted to bring those in the house. O_O


39/365: An intense game of puzzles


40/365: Sigh. My boy..


41/365: Lens baby love. I think I’m getting the hang of my Lensbaby Spark.


42/365: I thought I wasn’t going to take a photo this day, until i stumbled over these in the dark.



Week 5: 365

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Its time to show off my 365 for this week!

I was a slacker this week and missed a day.

It was a stressful week, what can I say?

29/365: the toes….

29365 copy3

30/365: I belong to a lensbaby group on Google+, so this was my submission…


31/365: I caught him, sneaking in……


32/365: Poor baby was sick all weekend. But still so happy…


34/365: Self Portrait after the shift from hell.

34365 copy_edited-1

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