Letters to Our Sons: July

July 18th, 2014

Dear Pookah,

I unexpectedly had to pick you up from school last week after a hellish 2 hours in rush hour traffic.  Your Daddy usually has this duty, but he was stuck in the traffic that I had just struggled through.  Your surprised joy as you called my name and ran to me made up for it all.  You even forgot your self imposed “no kissing at school ” policy and smothered me with kisses and hugs. And I almost wept with the joy of it.

letters to our sons



Sometimes, my love for you sneaks up on me and blinds me, makes me stumble with the force of it. The rightness of it.  I keep thinking that I’ll get used to my heart walking around on the outside of my body.

But NO.

Everyday,I’ m more and more fascinated by the turn of your head, your expression, a new word you’ve learned, your smile, your laugh. Just you.

letters to our sons

letters to our sons

letters to our sons
Love you,




This post is a part of the Letters To Our Sons Blog Circle I am a part of with a wonderful group of moms of boys from Clickin Moms. Every month, we write letters to our sons. I love doing this and can’t wait until the end of the year to make a book out of these.

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5 Travel Tips for Moms With a Camera

July 17th, 2014

Traveling with your kids can be a nightmare.

But not if you are prepared.

Of course, THERE WILL BE ISSUES. But with careful planning, everything can almost go smoothly. I was thinking about our trip to San Francisco next week and while I was packing my camera bag for the trip( post to come on that on Monday) I starting thinking of a few travel trips for MWACs. Or Moms With A Camera.

5 travel tips for moms with a camera
So I’ve got 5 travel tips for you this summer as your travel with your kids:

  1. Pack Light.  Yes, when going on a trip of a lifetime( Disney) or just a long weekend to the beach, the inclination is to take every piece of equipment you own.  Don’t.Do.It. Pick one camera. Pick just two lens( one versatile zoom lens and one prime lens for low light) and keep it moving. Especially in the summertime when carrying a lot of equipment can get hot and heavy. Do yourself a favor: pack light and only take what you need.
  2. Get a comfortable camera bag.  There is nothing worse than carrying around a big heavy camera bag when you are walking around all day.  Find something small( which you can do because you followed tip number one). You want this bag to double as your purse/diaper bag. Consolidate!!
  3. TEST this bag WITH your camera, your wallet, snacks, bottle water etc in it BEFORE the trip. Don’t Assume!
  4. Research: research where you are going and then, make a shot list. Make a list, either in your head or on paper, of the shots you MUST HAVE. That way, when you arrive somewhere, you can get your shots and then enjoy the rest of the outing rather than bugging your family all day to pose here pose there. Which leads me to tip #5…
  5. Put your camera away. Yes, I know this post is about a mom with a camera. On vacation. We are supposed to have our cameras out! BUT! You are on vacation. While it’s temping to have your camera out at all times, shooting each and every moment of the joy on your kids faces, take the time to enjoy it. In FRONT of the lens. Don’t get caught up in capturing the moments. Take the time to be in them. Enjoy yourself!


Well, that’ s my advice. How about you? Any photography travel tips? Share!!!

You’ve Got One Minute Mama

July 16th, 2014

One of the issues of having a child whose mother is a photographer is having said child get tired of the camera. When they are small, they don’t really have a choice. They are easlier dstracted. You can bribe them.

Pookah is at the age where he doesn’t always want me to take his picture. I noticed it a few months ago and I started ASKING him “Can I take your picture?’ when I wanted a portrait like photo.

He usually says yes.

Lately, he’s been giving me a time limit.

On this day, he said, “You’ve got one minute Mama, set your timer.”


So I set my timer, and we went to my garage and I shot away.

For 60 seconds exactly. When the timer went off, I put the camera down and that was that.

I’ve learned to be quick. I’ve learned to already have in my head what I want, where I want him to stand, where the light is. BEFORE I ask.

Here’s what I got.

60 seconds of Pookah


I think we did ok!

Go on, give yourself 60 seconds! See what happens!

The Lovely Everyday: Week 3

July 15th, 2014

I can’t believe we are already up to week 3 of our The Lovely Everyday Project! This week was so random. And of course, there might have been a day missing, but I took a lot of photos on Sunday to make up for it!

the lovely everyday

the lovely everyday

the lovely everyday

the lovely everyday

the lovely everyday


the lovely everyday






Follow the circle and check out Brittany’s week! Enjoy!

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