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Why I Hate Spring

Friday, April 18th, 2014

It’s been a long week. I am sleep deprived. But there is one thing I know for sure.

I hate Spring.

I used to love it.

I used to rejoice in the flowers blooming, the warm weather, the blue skies, the trees blooming.

Now, Spring means this.
4 365


And swollen itchy eyes that wake a 4 year old up every 3-4 hours every night.( when the Benadryl wears off).

And multiple trips to the dr and multiple call outs at work.

And the endless suffering of one 4 year old who should have been happily hunting eater eggs yesterday at school rather than being held hostage by the pollen indoors.





Year 38

Monday, April 14th, 2014




Hello everyone. It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday. It’s my birthday.

My birthdays are usually all about me. Because frankly, that’s what a birthday is about. LOL

But as I grow older I notice that things change and priorities become different.

Now I’m an aries, and selfish and self centered by nature( even though I have worked HARD to overcome this, my birthday is that one area that I just…I struggle with).#keepinitreal   I always joke that my birthday is the international day of me. And I don’t work it, I don’t clean house, I don’t cook….you get the point.

But this year, I’ve had to break my streak.

You see, I don’t have anytime left to take off.

Pookah has been sick quite a bit this year and my birthday is on a weekday.   I had ONE day left that I was hoarding for my birthday.  I used that day last week when Pookah was being attacked by the high pollen count and had to stay home. Cdub and I swap turns and since he had to stay home three days in a row I had to have a turn.


One things I have learned being a mother is that it is not about YOU.

You may think it is, you may plan for it to be, but children come first.

No matter what.

So on this 38th anniversary of the day I was born, I’ll be off to work. I can only be thankful that I

  1.  Only have to work 8 hours.
  2. Get off early
  3. Have a job to complain about not getting off of
  4. I have my health

So yes, it’s still my birthday, I’m just not spending it drinking lattes, having a massage and shopping like I usually do.

Maybe next year.

But for now, I am grateful that I am seeing 38.

I am grateful that I had a beautiful weekend.

I am grateful that I got gifts and cakes and MONEY.

I am grateful for all the birthday wishes.

I am grateful for hearing my daddy struggle through the yearly tradition of singing me happy birthday that he and my mother have done every year since I was born.

Life is good. I am in a good place. I am thankful. I am peaceful.

Welcome 38. Can’t wait to see what you are about.



My Lifes Photos…Spring is here..

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

We’re back!!! Join me and Kokoa Magazine for our My Lifes Photos photography challenge! We have returned with wonderful Spring themed prompts that we hope gets your juices flowing!

Our first theme of the month is Pastel Colors! Spring is full of beautiful colors everywhere. The trees are growing, the flowers and blooming and the easter bunnies are out in full force. I love the colors you find this time of year. Especially for the flowers….


my lifes photos


The flowers just seem to add to it. They make you happy, they remind you that this is a season of renewal and really, the pastel colors just make them beautiful!

So join us! We want to see your photos on Instagram, on your blogs, on Facebook on twitter! We can’t wait!

mylifesphotos for spring

Taking a Vacation…

Monday, March 10th, 2014

40 365  1

So here’s the thing.

I’m slightly bored with this blog right now.

And life has been getting in the way, or rather has been more interesting/intense/busy/overwhelming/stressful.

So if you don’t see a post from me for a while, forgive me, I’m trying to figure it out over here.

Blogging has become a chore rather than something I enjoy, and I’m trying to figure out why I would rather read, binge watch House of Cards and take photos rather than blog.

Maybe I need a break?

Maybe I need a redesign?

Funny since I applied for a Blogership back in February and was actually picked by the folks over at Blogher to volunteer in exchange for my ticket price. The irony.

I have a few obligations that I will keep up with ( my photography blog circles) but other than that, I think I’m going to take the month of March off. Yes, numbers will suffer, but I’m past the point of caring about numbers anyway. If I’m going to blog, I’m going to blog. The end.

I’ll still be on twitter and instagram. I can’t promise Facebook, but maybe.

I’ll still pop in on your blogs and Facebook pages and twitter, but that’s about all I can manage right now.

See you soon.

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