I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Best Faces of 2012

It’s time for The I Heart Faces Challenge again! Remember last year?

It’s so hard to go through photos from last year and pick your best one.

Do I pick the best one technically? Or the best one that I just love?

I chose the one I just love…..

IMG_1841 copy

I love that it’s my baby. I love that it shows his personality. And I just heart that face…

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Photo Challenge Submission


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7 Responses to “I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Best Faces of 2012”

  1. Jamie says:

    I really like the sunglasses! Great picture :)

  2. Kita says:

    My child purposefully takes out the lens and wars just the glasses part so now I see it’s just the style that youngins do.

  3. KalleyC says:

    Very cute! Guess kids these days like taking apart the lenses for the sunglasses. Either way, red is his color :-)

  4. Nicole P. says:

    Pookah is too cute!

  5. jessica r says:

    Love the glasses, hilarious :) So cute.

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