Caught on Camera: Back to Normal…

Well, after a full day of Benadryl and Steroids, I think my baby is back to normal.  He was especially clingy all day and really really irritable   Painfully so. But I tried to understand.

After all, he’s only three and he had a hard time yesterday. So I tried to cut him some slack.

Once again, I just find myself watching him. Looking at him.

But he’s back to normal. I think. Especially if last night’s playfulness at bathtime was any indication.







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17 Responses to “Caught on Camera: Back to Normal…”

  1. Quiana says:

    Glad to hear he’s feeling better. It’s so sad when little ones are sick. BTW Nia LOVES that car too. It was from BlogHer too, right? She makes me tell her the names of the trucks in the set over and over =)

  2. Kita says:

    Glad he is back to normal loving the picture of the truck.

  3. Preshus Me says:

    So glad he’s feeling better. What a terrifying experience!

  4. KalleyC says:

    I’m glad that he’s back to playing. I’m praying for your family, and you. Let us know if you got a pass at your job. Also, I’m loving that picture of the truck too!

    • LaShawn says:

      i will. I had jury duty( supposedly) today. but got out of it. So I go back on Wednesday. I’m sure I’ll get a “come see me” from my manager. Nothing I can do about it.

  5. Krissy says:

    aww im so glad son n law is back to normal!

  6. Nellie says:

    AMAZING photos as usual. So glad he is back to normal. Isn’t it so disarming when our usually active kids become sick?

  7. Jenni says:

    Glad Pookah is feeling better. Looks like he had a bath time blast! Love the pics.

  8. Nicole P. says:

    I’m glad Pookah is feeling better. I hope he gets better soon and doesn’t ever do this again, ever. Poor him and poor you. Your pics have improved so much. I love this set!

    • LaShawn says:

      Thank you! It’s amazing how getting white balance correct SOOC can change so much! And practice practice practice. Thank you so much for noticing and commenting about it!

  9. Jessica says:

    I love these shots and am happy to hear he’s back to normal!

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