365 Week 1….

Ok, folks, here is week 1 of my 365. Sooo these photos are really kind of random……..But hey, I’ve got  357 more days to wow you! LOL Enjoy…

Day 1: The boy, kind of upset with me for suggesting it was time to go to bed…
reedit copy2_edited-1

Day 2: Moving day, the front of the house just before the moving trucks pulled up….

2/365: A new start....

Day 3: Trying to keep routines in tact for Pookah: Bedtime story….

black and white copy 3

Day 4: Bathtime…..


Day 5: Kids will play in anything. Why did I bother at Christmas??


Day 6: He loves that leappad2. It’s his computer….


Day 7: Got to start eating healthy again. I’ve been slacking so far this year…


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4 Responses to “365 Week 1….”

  1. Kita says:

    I hope he is settling in his new house well. I am not a fan of apples unless cooked for some reason but I made a healthy pasta salad the other day….my family did not receive it very well.

  2. Is he crazy about Jake and the Neverland Pirates too?! Keep the pics coming girl.

  3. KalleyC says:

    I love the picture from day 6, looks like he’s thinking hard.

  4. Mimi says:

    His face looks like he is playing sudoku or something on that Leappad. He is thinking hard! I missed week 1. I’ll be on it next week!

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