As Seen In My Life: A Good Daddy

There is nothing better, to me at least, than to see a man with his child.

I have plenty of opportunities to observe that around here.

Pookah and C Dub ADORE each other.

It’s all about Daddy over here.

And I don’t mind not one bit.

C-Dub won’t let me take photos of him too often. ( for someone so photogenic, he is sooo camera shy)

But I manage to catch him in the act of being a good father often. When he least expects it. Like here…

IMG_7060 copy

And here…
IMG_7118 copy

I took these at the park. Pookah is on the big boy swing for the first time ever. Look at the expression on his face. The joy that his boy is doing it.

IMG_7149 copy_edited-1

And Pookahs confidence that his Daddy is right behind him..

IMG_7150 copy

Ahhhhh. I love my boys. And I love them even more when they are together..


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20 Responses to “As Seen In My Life: A Good Daddy”

  1. Blond Duck says:

    That’s so sweet!

  2. Veronica says:

    You have such a beautiful family. Your husban is hot. Rawr. I don’t say that about anyone but my husband usually :-) I agree. LOVE watching my husband with the kids. You and I are so fortunate to have that.

  3. Sweet pictures! I love to see a man with his kids. Peyton just adores her dad so much and knows she can get away with everything!

    • rosesdaughter says:

      I’d hate to see what would happen if we ever had a girl! that man would never be in control of his wallet again!

  4. Quiana says:

    What a beautiful post and such a handsome family you have!

  5. Kita says:

    Awww if you can get a good pic of the two of them that would be a great fathers day present to put on something. I put a picture on a tie for my hubs one year of him and his son he almost cried.

  6. LeiAndrea says:


  7. krissy says:

    I love your boys too! I can tell your hubs is a great dad. Fathers and children is something I love seeing too. We’re blessed jas has a great daddy too.

  8. Amber says:

    These are such beautiful pictures! I’m sure they’ll both cherish them when Pookah gets older.

  9. Jessica says:

    Oh, all of these pictures are so sweet and gorgeous! You know, I’ve always wanted to have a boy just so I can see my husband and him throw (or kick, since my husband loves soccer) a ball to each other. It’s such a quintessential image in my head, for some reason, of loving fatherhood.

  10. Andie says:

    Absolutely adorable! Good dads are priceless.

  11. isn’t it amazing! there’s nothing better than seeing my husband with my baby. he’s in love with his daddy and the feeling is totally mutual. being that i didn’t grow up with my dad in the home, i’m so happy to be able to give that to my son. :)

  12. ShaBoogie says:

    That is beautiful. I know exactly what you mean.. I love seeing my husband and son bonding and spending time together.

  13. Ticka says:

    I know that’s right!! Two of my favorite pictures in the whole wide world are of my husband and our children. It’s really an awesome thing to witness.

  14. Dr. Reginia says:

    Girl don’t make me cry with these pictures…..

    Love every ounce of it.

  15. This entire post made my day and gave me a smile :-) GOOD JOB DAD!

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